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How do companies launch a blog and why
Today we’ll talk about the corporate blog and its role in the brand promotion strategy. This article we want to help companies that plan to develop content marketing, but do…

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VPN Basic Concepts and Classification
The term VPN (Eng. "Virtual Private Network") refers to a group of technologies that provide a network connection, or the so-called logical network, functioning on top of some other network,…

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Quality Content Doesn't Mean Long Content
Quality Content Doesn't Mean Long Content Guided by practical cases and research results, optimizers began to lean towards Longrid as the main format for presenting information. However, Longrid does not…

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How to create your own website

In this article, we will try to give a reply to the basic question, which is the beginning of the webmaster, and the other one is how to make my own website. In fact, this question can be given a few answers, and all of them will be correct in their own right. Start with how you usually create sites (how to create your own site quickly and very quickly, read below).

How to usually create sites
So, how does the website production process usually take place? If you have an idea, the goal and you know what to do on this site, then when you create a site, you do the following: Continue reading

15 Web Design Mistakes

There are several lists on the Internet with web design errors. A large part of them is, however, entitled “Most common” or “Major 10” error. Each time, stumbling onto such lists, I thought of myself, “Yes, there should be more than 10 errors …” Therefore, I decided to write all the errors that come across, I wrote down already around 30. After that I still rummaged a bit in the network and my list grew to 43 errors.

1. The user should understand that you are on the site for several seconds: attention to this is the most valuable currency on the Internet. If the visitor can’t figure out what you’ve got on the site and what it is for several seconds, it’ll probably go somewhere else. Your site should be reported, why I should spend it on time, and quickly! Continue reading

Dashboard for SEO Specialist

Each specialist in website promotion works with a set of tools, services and reports that are used daily. Viewing data is time-consuming, therefore it is useful to have a summary report that combines the most important parameters and indicators. Such a summary could well be the Dashboard Google Analytics.

Google Analytics dashboards are a convenient tool for viewing both a general overview of the main parameters and indicators in statics and dynamics, as well as detailed information for each of the widgets.

Thanks to this tool, you will not miss anything important, quickly identify the key problem, you can study it in detail and find the optimal solution. Earlier we talked about how to set up a dashboard for a marketer, now we will create a suitable view for SEO. Continue reading

Early Testing: Problems and Solutions

Early testing removes the problems of accumulating risks and the consequent waste of time and money on fixing errors. If it comes to developing an online store (or any other IT product), then from the very beginning, the team should treat its creation as testing a hypothesis. The hypothesis in this case is the assumption “our terms of reference correspond to the global objectives of the project.” It is necessary to understand whether the planned functionality of the online store can ensure its planned profitability.

If the hypothesis is not confirmed, then the direction was chosen incorrectly and you need to change it. Early testing will give you enough information to detect hidden flaws and unrealized benefits that will help significantly increase the effectiveness of the finished product. Carrying out such tests, it is important to look Continue reading

Information on the Internet

In order to write an article or report that as fully as possible about the event or incident, you need to find out all the details, get comments from the participants of the event, add information about what happened before. The well-known journalist and, in the recent past, BBC producer Mark Grigoryan tells how to effectively search for information on the Internet.

the Internet

You can search for facts, events, phenomena or information about them in the real world and virtual. The Internet is taking up more and more space in our lives, and the amount of information that can be obtained on the Internet is growing very rapidly.

Usually, every journalist develops the habit of referring to a certain number of sources over time, which, in his opinion, are the most efficient and provide the most complete information.

But we must remember: although the information taken from any source may seem to us completely accurate, in order for us to be professionally journalistic confident in it, it must be confirmed from another source that is not connected with the first. Continue reading

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