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Destination of proxies and NAT
A proxy server is designed to mediate between a workstation and a worldwide network. The proxy computer passes user requests through itself and then returns the results received from Inetrnet.…

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How to make TK on content and not screw it up
TK is always a sore subject, no matter what area we talk about. Based on my personal experience, I can note that 90% of clients from small and medium-sized businesses…

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Instagram Stories for Business analytics
In two years, I created and tested dozens, if not more, of various content ideas on Instagram Stories on my projects. I know for sure that one cannot expect any…

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What is a firewall and why is it needed?

We will not go into little things like translating words, occupying them some part of the article. Just point out that a firewall (from the English – fire wall), or as it is also called brandmauer (with German – fire wall) in Russian has two names that display its purpose (inter) firewall. This is a screen that protects the user from influences coming from outside. When connecting to the Internet, having a firewall is not a luxury, and indeed such a risk is hardly justified, it will most likely lead to raking up a bunch of viruses, or even just to reinstall the system. Continue reading

VPN Basic Concepts and Classification

The term VPN (Eng. “Virtual Private Network”) refers to a group of technologies that provide a network connection, or the so-called logical network, functioning on top of some other network, usually the Internet.

Although data is transferred to a VPN over networks with a low level of trust, thanks to the use of cryptography, the level of trust in a VPN can be arbitrarily high. Among the cryptography tools used are encryption, means to protect against changes in transmitted messages, public key infrastructure and authentication. Depending on the final destination, the VPN implements three types of connections: network-to-network, node-to-network and node-to-node.

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How to make TK on content and not screw it up

TK is always a sore subject, no matter what area we talk about. Based on my personal experience, I can note that 90% of clients from small and medium-sized businesses do not even have an idea about how to correctly fill out an agency brief or draw up a competent ToR. Clients from large businesses usually approach this issue more formally, but not always – more deliberately.

Let’s try to figure out which key points should be highlighted in the terms of reference, so that the output will be such a unit of content that will serve the general goals of marketing, and not only please the customer’s eye and the performer’s pride. Continue reading

why cold calls to foreign bases are ineffective

When I was at university, my girlfriends pulled a queen of course notebook. Her name was Nastya. She was not only famous in the group, but also worked part time in advertising and was familiar with famous personalities and simply promising young people. In her notebook Nastya wrote down all the phone numbers of many acquaintances.

The girlfriends decided that they had found the treasure. Before a whole group of princes, they were separated by one step – a phone call. They even squealed with anticipation of communication.

And so, they chose a day, everyone gathered in the room, drawn lots, who would call someone and started to study. The purpose was to get to know Continue reading

how the audience consumes content

This topic was discussed everywhere: on the Internet, in bars, at meetings. They wrote articles on it and spread rumors. The heated debate did not subside. Most beginners listened to the advice of seasoned ones. It was believed that there was a standard to be followed.

Everyone wanted to know how best: in numbers, in detail. No one wanted to be wrong. There were also curious researchers who sacrificed their time and performed experiments, the data of which were then tabulated and shared secretly with friends if they thought they had significant results. Or they shared their findings to a wide audience if they wanted fame. Continue reading

Dashboard for SEO Specialist
Each specialist in website promotion works with a set of tools, services and reports that are used daily. Viewing data is time-consuming, therefore it is useful to have a summary…


5 trends Email-marketing
In anticipation of the year of the fiery monkey, it's time to knock out some results, as well as outline trends. As promised at the end of the last publication,…


Why it’s time for copywriters to stop listening to marketers and go to study writing
Recently on Facebook, I came across a comment by a guy. Its meaning is as follows: copywriters are stupid and do not know marketing, content marketers are stupid and do…


How to make materials visual
Visualization extends narrative and increases reader engagement. When the text is supplemented by a photograph, infographic or gif, the reader does not have time to get bored, hangs on the…