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Internet Handwriting: 7 Tips For Those Who Want To Be “Their Own” Online

On the Internet, you can be anyone and anytime. You can like cats (or even be them), listen to birdsong or look for someone who is wrong. But no matter what you do and whoever you want to seem, the style of communication will surely give you away. Now judging by Internet handwriting is judged no less than by clothing or car. Some little things with a flashing neon sign indicate to the interlocutor whether you speak the same language, you or someone else’s, whether your values ​​coincide and whether you have a single concept of adequacy.

Of course, in communicating with friends, you can still use “Albanian” (if you have enough time and patience), distort phrases, draw swear words from flowers or just chat with gifs. But if you want to be taken seriously in correspondence with unfamiliar people, bosses or colleagues, you should refrain from some things. In this case, we will not focus on the content, but rather on the form of the text.
Exclamation and Question Marks
Be careful with these punctuation marks, as with hot chili peppers in cooking. The abundance of question and exclamation marks can ruin the impression of any statement and make you a man unbalanced and not knowing the measures.

Exclamation marks in one name subtly hint about their purpose. Remember, it is impossible to exclaim with long sentences, it is physically not enough air. So the exclamation mark at the end of such sentences is simply inappropriate. In real speech, it cannot be there.

Three. Pay attention to this magic number. Three bears, three damsels under the window and a maximum of three exclamation or question marks at the end of the sentence. Moreover, for the setting of three characters you need a really significant reason. “Fire !!!”, for example.

The network is not so easy to convey emotions and their attitude on any occasion. And the frequent use of exclamation or question marks leads to the devaluation of your emotional messages. You are like a boy from a fairy tale who constantly shouts: “Wolves-wolves !!!!!!”. And when the “Wolves!” Really come, and you want to show your true delight or surprise, no one will just pay attention. After all, you always exclaimed, and this time will not be any special.

With ellipsis, this is exactly the same as with exclamation points.

An ellipsis is used to indicate incomplete statements. We mean that the reader will think of us. This is just a wonderful literary device. But in the conversation of people in general and in Internet correspondence in particular, one should not give even the slightest chance for omissions. Human speech is an imperfect thing and can not always convey the exact meaning even with live communication. Tyutchev very correctly remarked: “The thought uttered is a lie.” If you want to be understood and understood correctly, express your thoughts as accurately as possible.

In order to discourage once and for all the excessive use of dots, I will give one example that I cannot forget since elementary school.

The teacher explained the ellipses as if a flock of small ants passed through the text and left, ahem, waste products.

Do not let ants into important correspondence. And there will be happiness and specificity for both you and your interlocutors.

Emoticons / Emoji / Brackets
Let’s see right away, emoticons are good. But everything is good in moderation. At the dawn of the Internet, emoticons were a blessing that was sent to convey emotions in the text. And we took this heavenly gift and turned it into an indicator of vulgarity and inadequacy.

If this is not friendly correspondence, try to do without emoticons at all. Not every interlocutor will be able to correctly interpret them and find such an expression of emotions appropriate.

Of course, no one has yet died from a couple of emoji in a letter. But a dozen emoticons in a row really destroy not only the whole meaning of the message, but also the good name of its author.

It is not necessary to put a smiley on every word to which emoji exists. The words themselves are already quite informative. Emoticons, like exclamation points, serve only to enhance the effect. Alternatively, to briefly indicate consent / disagreement or some kind of emotion when you are not using words.

Emoticons are simply an irreplaceable thing. But do not replace common sense with them and use only cave paintings. In the 21st century, this is somehow not solid.

If you certainly want to joke and avoid the risk of being misunderstood, put a couple of brackets at the end of the phrase. This will be enough to show the humorous tone of the statement. But a whole battery of them will mean that you, at least, are dying of laughter. But you are not the philosopher Chrysippus, who, according to legend, died from this. Do not overdo it, it does not suit you.

Capitalized You
This is an anachronism, which even leaves business correspondence and clerical language, but cannot in any way leave our semi-formal communication alone.

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