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Why CRO is not only about testing forms and buttons

No. 1. CRO is about business
If you look at the situation more than just checking the analytical reports and changing a couple of elements on the site, then CRO is a customer-oriented approach to everything. It is important to rely not on your subjective opinion, but on what is more convenient and interesting for your visitors. When you fish, you put worms on the hook, not grapes: a fish cannot be caught on grapes. So with the site.

Paul Rook, founder and CEO of PRWD, identifies 4 important areas:
No. 2. You can’t build a house without a foundation
At the start, you should have something to lean on; figuratively – it is necessary to build a foundation and only then proceed with optimization. So, before testing the buttons, check:

correct display of the site on all devices and in all browsers;
how the site is indexed by search engines;
whether all keywords are used;
How relevant landing campaigns are to ad campaigns
Are campaigns optimized in Google Ads?
Is content marketing consistent with goals and strategy?
If the site is crookedly displayed on smartphones, SEO has not been worked out and is used to the best of our ability, and PPC is being performed incorrectly, then CRO will not help. Instead of placing a bucket under the current pipe, repair the pipe.

No. 3. Priorities First
When we work on a project, almost always a lot of ideas arise to achieve our goals. However, among all this stream for implementation, we select primarily those that are closer to us, are familiar, and easy to implement. Which, in fact, is normal. But at the same time, it happens that in fact the most promising and priority hypotheses are relegated to the background.

In order not to get screwed up, prioritize all thoughtful options. This can be done using methods:

ICE (influence + ease of implementation + confidence in them);
RICE (coverage + impact + confidence + labor).
Number 4. Consistency is still relevant
Systematics is important in everything. You cannot run a marathon or learn a new language if you practice from time to time. In the same way, it will not work to change something once, and then always harvest. I would like, of course, but alas. It is necessary to test, compare test results, make changes, test again, compare and make changes again. And so constantly, because “everything flows, everything changes”: today something worked perfectly, tomorrow it will not give a result.

No. 5. CRO is about individual solutions
Ecommerce is heterogeneous: what is good for a conditional “Outlet”, but for another business it is a failure. You can watch how others are doing, but relying on their experience for all 100 is not worth it. This is just a piggy bank of ideas, not instructions for use. Therefore, if you implement something, be sure to test it!

No. 6. Not single colors
Conversion rate optimization is always a symbiosis of analysis and tests. If the first gives an understanding of user behavior and helps to predict it, then the second is to find the best solution for the problems found during the analysis.
In this case, everything needs to be done systemically. It is based on five priority areas: psychology, research, tests, User Experience, work with content.

So, psychology allows you to understand what data to analyze. Without research, we cannot identify the difficulties. Without problem areas, it is unclear how and what to test. Without copywriting, you won’t be able to improve your user experience (UX). Without at least basic knowledge of psychology, it is almost impossible to write the correct texts. And without testing, all actions in general are in vain.

Number 7. Copywriting is not about textures
More precisely, not just about textures. Write – this is 1% of the work is normal, the remaining 99% – understand what to write. As in an eternal joke: “for a blow of 20 rubles, and for knowing where to hit – another 1,000.” To understand what to write means to analyze, find and understand research and statistics, collect data in the analytics system, generate ideas, conduct risk management, so as not to become one of the companies that “estimate what a wretched / dumb / vulgar advertisement was shot X. ”

At the same time, it is important not only WHAT is written, but HOW and WHERE. Plus, under WHAT conditions do people read, AT WHAT stage of the funnel, HOW MUCH is the user familiar with the product. Copywriting will be different for different categories. Therefore, we return to the old and good research, and then to testing.

Number 8. UX is about sequence
Evaluating user experience is not easy. And to understand what needs to be changed in order to improve this very experience is even more difficult. Most often, a lot of work, and the specialist begins to grab a little for everything. In order not to miss important points, be guided by such questions:

What affects user actions and what precedes actions?
What are the problems and what is the obstacle to action?
What can distract attention from STA?
What is out of context?
What’s not clear?
No. 9. Psychology must also be considered.
Analysis, testing, statistics – a quantitative approach. This is important, but more often than not, it is not enough for success. It is worth paying attention to quality, and this is about psychology.

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