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How Instagram Algorithm Actually Works

The happy times of the chronological tape, which everyone loved so much, Instagram representatives sent to the past because of two simple facts:

– 70% of the content from the profiles that the user subscribed to, he simply skipped due to the fact that there were too many posts.

– The user also missed 50% of posts from friends, due to a previous reason.

Therefore, an algorithm appeared that began to decide for us what is interesting, what is relevant and what should be in our feeds. I’m really happy.

But thanks to the implementation of the algorithm, users now see 90% of posts from his friends and began to spend more time in the application.

At the same time, Instagram never revealed the details of the algorithm. Because of this, all sorts of myths about the shadow ban, hashtags and dozens of other tips from expert gurus appear.

Instagram Content Ranking Criteria
Instagram relies on computer training based on your past behaviors to create a unique and relevant news feed. Even if several people subscribe to the same set of accounts, each of them will receive a personalized and unique set of posts in their feed, which is based on how you interact with these accounts.

3 main factors
Interest Instagram knows which content you respond to best, that is, which topics you are interested in. He knows this thanks to your past reactions (hi to masslaykers). In this case, “Machine Vision” is used, which determines what is on the image in this way constitutes the theme of the post.
Novelty (Recency). How long ago a post was published, with the priority of new posts over a week ago.
Relationships This is not about family and marriage. The third factor takes into account your history of interactions between profiles. If you like, comment, mark it and watch posts of another account, its content will be shown to you first of all.
In addition to these main factors, three additional factors affecting the tape:
Frequency Not the frequency of posting content !!! And then, how often do you open the Instagram application, because the algorithm will try to show you better posts for the time while you were not online. Therefore, if you look there every couple of minutes (like my wife), then you see “the best in these few minutes.” Look in the tape once a day, in the top there will be the best posts of the day from your tape. Well and so on.
Subscriptions (Following). If you are subscribed to a lot of profiles, Instagram has ample opportunity to choose content to suit your interests, therefore you may not see some of the authors at all or very rarely.
Consumption (Usage). If you open the application and scroll through only the last few posts, Instagram will upload the best there and optimize the feed for such consumption. For fans of archealogy, burrowing into the tape for dozens of “spans”, Instagram will show you more posts.

Breaking Instagram Legends
1. Instagram does not even consider the possibility of a return to the chronological news feed (which was so obvious, because the algorithmic one brings money).

2. Instagram doesn’t actually hide posts in the feed. That is, if you scroll through the tape for a long time and you can see everything that has been published.

3. Photos or videos do not have priority in the news feed. That is, stories about the fact that you need to post a video, as they gain more coverage (I have never noticed such a thing on Instagram) is nonsense. The only thing that affects your tape is you. If a user never views video posts, then the algorithm will show him less and less.

Remember the appearance of galleries on Instagram? They then received even fewer reactions and, in general, they received negative feedback from bloggers. Perhaps it was precisely because of the lack of user experience in interacting with them that they really didn’t appear to people, but now all the rules.

4. The use of Stories, live broadcasts and other “special features” does not affect coverage. More precisely, the use itself will not increase the coverage, but if you attract people well, you can lure them into your account there too … well, you understand.

5. The algorithm does not pessimize the coverage for too frequent posting.

6. Instagram does not provide “additional reach” to personal pages or business profiles. Switching between them will not help to get additional coverage. And I said that business profiles do not reduce coverage!

7. There is no shadow ban.

About the coverage a couple of words.
Due to the fact that Instagram already has more than 800 million active users, all brands and a huge number of small businesses have visited it. They all make content and want users to see it, but it doesn’t. The user has limited viewing time in the feed, therefore, competition for it is growing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to put their content in it for free (or do it cool or pay for advertising, or better, both).

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