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How to get commercial page and domain out of Facebook ban

I am sure many are aware that their business page may be blocked due to some actions that are not very legal with respect to it. However, not everyone knows that because of these same actions, you can get a full domain ban. Mentioning or transmitting a link in private messages, posts or comments is no longer possible. You can mention the name of your business without turning it into a link, but link to your site is no longer there.

So hello, I am an SMM specialist in the affiliate program. We are involved in complex projects and work in one of the most competitive US markets – the ‘Essay’ niche.
What to do if a Facebook page is blocked?
The domain of one of our major grocery sites has become banned on Facebook from the moment we were blocked from our sales page associated with this site.
The description of this page contained a link to our site.

What does it look like? If you try to send a banned domain, for example, in a personal message, then your message will not be sent. Instead, you get this message on top of your screen.

Promotion of commercial pages on facebook niches ‘Essay’
Our company accepts a lot of orders through the affiliate program
Many of the affiliates who earn between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 pour traffic from Facebook, as it’s allowed there and you don’t have to deal with moderation bypass, as you need when advertising with Google AdWords. You can always target your target audience by age, geo, place of study, or even by location where the student may be at that time (for example, in your university).
In this regard, we could not allow our domain to go into facebook ban forever. We had to do something and we decided to start by determining the reason why we got there, since knowing the reason, it will be much easier for us to find a way out of this situation.

Why is Facebook blocking your account?
Studying similar stories on forums, we were very close to the idea that our competitors “helped” us to get banned. But still, in our case, this was due to the manifestation of bot activity on one of the promoted pages.

It is important to note that the page has existed for a long time, approximately since 2013, and was not the most trusted one. Of the 10 thousand subscribers that were once crowded, only 5 people with Arabic names were active. For the sake of a little experiment, several fake accounts were sent to the page, which, in theory, should have been active in comments, like posts and communicating with each other.

Facebook did not wait long and understand, and the next day the page simply disappeared. No lock notifications – nothing. It is not in the page control panel, the search also did not return results. But when you enter the address of the page “crawled out” such a window:
After some time, we noticed that if you post a link in the comments or by posting with a link to any page of our site, a window appears as follows:

The brand has existed for 4 years and we had many regular customers and a lock in the most popular social networks. we could not allow the world’s network. It was necessary to act, and the first completely logical action was to follow the link “let us know about this” in the message that we each time saw in the received message from Facebook.

As it turned out, this application form does not imply a response, and many comments have been written about this from users on Facebook itself, as well as on forums relevant to this topic. About 20 messages were sent about the problem through this form from 10 people (alive), but no response was received within months.

We rummaged through half the Internet, applied at least dozens of ways, but everything was like pea wall. The page continued to be blocked and support did not want to get in touch.

But after a while, quite by accident, Ilya Sandyrev’s post was discovered that he still got in direct contact with facebook support and was able to chat with a living person.

Our Head of SEO – Dmitry Petrenko, suggested using this method to get in touch with those. Facebook support. True, his question was more connected with the commercial side of the process, and to be precise, with the launch of an advertising company, but we understood that this is our chance.

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