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Instagram Stories for Business analytics

In two years, I created and tested dozens, if not more, of various content ideas on Instagram Stories on my projects. I know for sure that one cannot expect any stability from the Stories, solutions that would work equally on different platforms. But I definitely learned to study stories in terms of numbers. And now more about analytics.
Why Instagram Stories
It has its own audience, and it is not so important whether you like stories or hate them until they turn blue, they have unique viewers, and since there are viewers, it means that SMM specialists and content managers have work.

Once upon a time I conducted a survey among my acquaintances and friends, and we found out that the audience of Stories, despite love or dislike, is much more than we thought.
Competent work with any audience helps to achieve our marketing goals.

Let me remind you of the main features of Instagram Stories that you need to consider when creating content.

Instagram Stories – “short-term” content.
Viewers know that they need to be watched within 24 hours. Of course, there is a small chance of republishing or keeping the story up-to-date, but in general, any story does not live more than a day.

Stories publish videos up to 15 seconds and photos lasting 3 seconds.
With short touches and swipes, you can control the viewing of stories.

You can upload up to 100 slides in History.
With each slide, part of the audience will be lost – this is normal. The main thing is not to keep the number of viewers until the final, but to work with the target audience, solving their problems.

It’s important to remember that Stories alone do not promote an account or attract subscribers. But by generating different content and moving your audience from Stories to feed, you can drive growth in engagement and sales.

One coffee shop made a gif with rapidly changing photos of different drinks, the full version can be seen in the telegram channel

Advertising with bloggers in Stories, as a rule, is much cheaper, mainly because of the reach: on Stories it is less than on posts, but the effectiveness of advertising does not suffer from this. Therefore, you can test advertising creatives on Stories before going to the feed.

Figures of stories: where they lie, what they mean, how to work with them
The coolest thing in Stories is statistics. Even with ordinary accounts, you can get simple numbers for viewers and voting results: this gives additional information when analyzing content, helps to select advertising sites, but it’s better, nevertheless, to use the capabilities of a business account.

You can clearly see how viewers react to your story.

In business accounts, we have much more numbers available. You can see them if you swipe the story from bottom to top in your account.

Coverage – as elsewhere, these are unique viewers who watched your stories. If you run multiple slides, each slide will have its own coverage.

Impressions – Some viewers are revising History, so there are always more impressions than reach. The reasons for the revision are different – someone is reviewing because he does not know how to flip through stories, someone is reviewing because he did not manage to read the text or see the details the first time. It depends on the content itself: the more complex the slides, the more difficult it is for viewers to interact with them.

Navigation: back, forward, transition, exits – all these numbers show short touches on the History. By and large, they do not matter. Although for the content manager creating complex stories or game mechanics, the “back” figure will be interesting – if this indicator is more than usual, then the content is more complicated than usual.

The following numbers may not be seen on every Story: answers, touches, clicks, and so on.

Answers – under History there is usually a window for entering messages in Direct: if you encourage subscribers to write to you in a personal or publish stories with goods, and viewers write to you “how much”, this will positively affect the ranking of the entire account.

In commercial accounts that do not use interactive mechanics, the answers are equivalent to leads

Clicks on the link – when a business account has 10,000 subscribers, a link to third-party resources can be published in its stories. Accordingly, it becomes possible to calculate how many clicks there were on the link.

Touching stickers – stickers in Instagram Stories call different stickers: a sticker with a different account, a sticker with a geo, some stickers from the gallery, questions. Using these touches, you can calculate the clickability of creatives.

So far, we have examined these numbers on each slide of the Stories separately, but with a retrospective analysis this is not very convenient, so on Instagram you can study the numbers “together” by comparing several slides at once.
Content statistics – each business account has an office of internal content statistics, which will show statistics for the last two weeks. Here you can sort the slides by individual indicators.

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