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5 mistakes that will drown your SMM

Sonia Simone is a content marketer, co-founder of Rainmaker Digital, a digital marketing studio. Sonya started as a “traditional” marketer, developed courses for small businesses, and tested online since 1989. I was in love with content marketing before this term appeared. He believes that content marketing is the sum of all the company’s online activities. Now she has a really useful CopyBlogger blog, where she and other studio employees share non-banal thoughts about promotion.

The material was translated by Marina Norman – copywriter, author and editor.

When I talk about social networks, I sound like a grumbling old woman: “At the time when I started in marketing, we did not have all these Twitter and Facebook. If a person wanted to advertise, he bought a place in the newspaper! And for this newspaper, other people paid money. Real paper money! By the way, did I say that we went to school through the snowdrifts? (even in May). ”

Social networks are a brilliant tool for contacting people. And you can use this tool both for your own good and to your detriment.

It is impossible to imagine a digital business that would not advance in social networks. Here you can find customers, and promote content, and learn more about how exactly you can be useful to your audience.

And the question is: if social networks are so useful, then why are many representatives of digital business so clumsy to use them?

It’s one thing when a small local bank does not understand SMM a bit, but when marketers or copywriters are mistaken, who simply must act with knowledge of the matter! What is in the way? Let’s figure it out.

Error 1: “Spray” on all social networks

There are many social networks and this can drive you into longing. Especially when someone declares that you should have a page in each. And I say that they should not, you do not have to be everywhere, perhaps you are even better off NOT to be everywhere. Go to the social network in which most of your target audience. It makes no sense to try to cover absolutely all the sites, even if only a small handful of your potential customers are lying around there.

If you were waiting for a sign from above or someone else’s blessing – keep mine! Yes, you don’t have to learn all social networks, you don’t have to be present everywhere.

Concentrate on one or two social networks. Make yourself known, invest time and effort, try to create a close relationship with subscribers.

Mistake 2: Ignore Context

Schedulers and postponed posting services for social networks are cool things, we also use them. But sometimes they can create awkwardness. Imagine a situation: feeds are torn from recordings of topical topics, sometimes even about tragic events. And among all this, your planned post about the announcement of a new product comes up.

Yes, we all miss something. Delayed posting can expose us as people who are deaf to context. It is difficult to achieve success in social networks if we act on the principle of “once programmed – and forgot for a week”

I stumble upon the pages of businessmen in the digital sphere, which never touch the context at all. They do not write about topical things – politics, sports, series, incidents. I have a feeling that there is no connection with the readers, they are as if taken out of the context in which their audience lives.

Mistake 3: Talking More Than Listening

Another problem of the “tuned and forgot” approach is that you do not bother to listen to what is happening around. You only do what you say yourself. Perhaps that is why you are out of context.

Listen, listen to what they say about your product and your area of ​​activity in social networks. This will help create a customer-oriented product. If you understand what customers want, what they value in your or similar services or products, you will be able to formulate an exact offer that falls into their needs.

Social networks will help you get the entire feedback directly from the client. It is only necessary to listen to what he says. Do not ignore this opportunity.

Error 4: Use social networks for simple chatter without strategy

It’s much easier to just chat on social networks than to make them useful to your business. You can post memes for days, discuss trivial things, and think that you are doing something useful. In fact, this lesson is no more productive than 18 hours a day sitting at the bar and chatting with guests. Yes, perhaps after these conversations you will be visited by some discoveries. But until you come out of the bar into the light of day and do something with it, no one will benefit.

Error 5: Lead social networks only according to plan, no “chatter”

On the other hand, if everything you do is part of a well-thought-out system, a sales funnel that will lead leads, increase conversion and blah blah, then people will stop feeling human for all this. No one wants to feel like a cog in a marketing machine.

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