Text for a mobile user: 5 postulates
1. Screen view Once, someone came up with a heatmap (or click map), and the world found out that users were viewing a page, starting from the top left corner.…

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Dashboard for SEO Specialist
Each specialist in website promotion works with a set of tools, services and reports that are used daily. Viewing data is time-consuming, therefore it is useful to have a summary…

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how the audience consumes content

This topic was discussed everywhere: on the Internet, in bars, at meetings. They wrote articles on it and spread rumors. The heated debate did not subside. Most beginners listened to the advice of seasoned ones. It was believed that there was a standard to be followed.

Everyone wanted to know how best: in numbers, in detail. No one wanted to be wrong. There were also curious researchers who sacrificed their time and performed experiments, the data of which were then tabulated and shared secretly with friends if they thought they had significant results. Or they shared their findings to a wide audience if they wanted fame.

Experienced grinned and importantly stated that no standard exists. But no one could come to a consensus, most often following stereotypical opinions.


Once I also decided to conduct a study using a focus group. We got together with girlfriends for a bachelorette party: experienced Katya, experienced Sveta, ever-employed Natasha, modest Lena and I, and put a secret topic on the agenda.

– Girls, let’s be honest: which ones do you like more – short or long?

– Oh, of course long! I don’t perceive short ones at all, you don’t even have time to understand anything, – the experienced Sveta immediately answered.

“Well, you are a connoisseur, of course.” “We all looked at her with respect.”

“And I love short ones,” suddenly experienced Katya spoke. – The point is not in size, but in quality. It happens short, but so … strong, already trembling. – Katya dreamily rolled her eyes, as if remembering something.

“Yes,” the experienced Sveta supported Katya, “it all depends on the situation.” Sometimes good long, sometimes short. It depends on the purpose. And from whom.

– And usually you ask anyone – everyone loves long ones. They make up aesthetes. But, believe me, in reality we leaf through the pictures and are satisfied with this. Not. I think the main thing is that it should be delicious, sensual, understand? – continued to insist experienced Katya. – Short ones have repeatedly brought me to the result.

“If you measure solely the result, then, perhaps, Katya is right,” agreed the former Sveta.

– And the result still depends on the place. You are at home at this moment either at work, or even in the toilet. Some of them don’t get out, they don’t occupy the premises for nothing, ”the ever-busy Natasha complained.

“And I love lying in bed, before going to bed,” said the modest Lena. “And I’m sure there are a lot of them.” In the afternoon, usually not before.

“It’s corny,” Katya said.

“Trite,” the others supported her.

– But nothing distracts. The brain is relaxed, it’s best, ”Lena tried to defend her point of view.

– Yes, perhaps in bed or on the couch is most convenient. You will fall on your back, a pillow under your head, well … I’ll get high, – the experienced Light intervened for her.

“I don’t have enough time even in bed, somehow in fits and starts, on the run,” the experienced Katya answered, “besides, I don’t want anything before bedtime.” It seems that the process is going on, but there’s no sense in it.

“I envy you girls, at least in snatches, I haven’t been at all for a year at all,” said the ever-employed Natasha.

– A year? Come on! You will unlearn it soon! – we exclaimed.

– And you know, sometimes it seems to me that this is useless. So many offers, they surround me, fill up. I’m just ignoring it, and, to be honest, it’s easier and easier for me. I do not clog my life with some nonsense. I do not need it, neither short, nor long, nor tasty, nor strong. If anything, I can always watch the video. I like this format more.

“Do you really want to relax sometimes?”

“I relax differently when I need something, I go and buy it.” No extra time.
“Not everyone is as businesslike as you, Natasha.” It’s hard to hook you – you always know what you want.

– And do not cling to me. Just be perfect, and I will choose you myself, ”Natasha said pathetically.

– Do you need to tell about your ideality short or long? – the former Sveta faked, but Natasha only mysteriously smiled.

– Listen, girls, what do you think, when is it better? In the morning or evening? In the morning, just bombing usually. Everyone has. As scheduled. And I usually only want to sleep at this time, and I don’t perceive anything. What are they counting on in the morning?

“The main thing is not during working hours,” Anya laughed.

– Exactly, but you can have lunch at lunchtime.

– Prejudice! And if I have a floating chart? I can at any time.

“So in the morning and at lunch too.” Everything converges, – retorted Katya.

“You know, girls, we all do it differently.” There is no ideal format, and it’s impossible to find the size, time, place for everyone so that everyone is always happy. That’s when the robots for this business will appear, then there will be an exact understanding of whom, when and how to present themselves. But you know what I think? Mechanics will kill energy. I am for diversity. For creativity! – finally expressed a modest Katya.

– Bravo, Katya! – the experienced Light replied sarcastically. “Until you decide exactly how you like, you have to wade through the mountains of unprofessionalism.”

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