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why cold calls to foreign bases are ineffective

When I was at university, my girlfriends pulled a queen of course notebook. Her name was Nastya. She was not only famous in the group, but also worked part time in advertising and was familiar with famous personalities and simply promising young people. In her notebook Nastya wrote down all the phone numbers of many acquaintances.

The girlfriends decided that they had found the treasure. Before a whole group of princes, they were separated by one step – a phone call. They even squealed with anticipation of communication.

And so, they chose a day, everyone gathered in the room, drawn lots, who would call someone and started to study. The purpose was to get to know and date. Although, why befooled, they trembled at the mere possibility of hearing the voices of promising, in their opinion, men.

They called one, they called the second. And the princes did not deign even to talk with unfamiliar girls.

– Hello.

– Hello, Konstantin, we are strangers, but …

Short beeps.

– Hello, Roman!

“I’m listening to you.”

– My name is Anna.

“I’m listening to you.”

“I … I accidentally found your phone number.”

– Bye.

Short beeps.

– Hello, Peter, just don’t hang up, please!

– What do you want?

– My name is Ksenia, I would like to meet you.

Short beeps.

And after another unsuccessful attempt, Sveta turned on:

“Listen, girls, what are you talking to them?” You just start a conversation wrong. It is necessary to explain the purpose of the call so as to interest him. There are the rules of the conversation. Give me the phone. And learn.

Sveta grabbed her notebook and started dialing a phone number.

– Hello, Konstantin, Nastya gave me your number, the fact is that I collect vinyl records, and the same Black Sabbath record appeared in my collection, would you be interested in exchanging records?

“I have all the Black Sabbath albums on vinyl,” Konstantin answered with a sigh. In his voice he heard: “How tired of you all are.” – And what kind of Nastya?

“We study together, she is a model,” answered Sveta, pleased that she had already lasted longer than the others. – But maybe we could compare our collections, what if something interests you?

Konstantin took a deep breath again, so that even the girls in the room could hear him.

“Are you pretty?” He asked.
– Highly! – Sveta quite assured him.

“Call me tomorrow,” answered Konstantin, “we will discuss it.”


Sometimes good scripts can bring leads when dialing a cold base, but the conversion of this tool decreases every year, and the tool becomes outdated

The conversation was over. All the girls in the room were sitting with faces full of bewilderment, silently. But just a couple of seconds. And then questions rained down:

– Why did you say about Nastya? She didn’t give you a number.

“And if she finds out?”

– How did you find out about vinyl records?

“And where do you get the collection?”

But Sveta did not have time to answer. The door swung open and banged against the wall, bounced off it and banged again. On the threshold stood Nastya – the queen of the course.

– I knew it! – she exclaimed. “You are just stupid.” Full fools. You are nobody and there is no way to call you. To get these numbers, I spend two hours at the fitness club five times a week. I learn languages. I go to moronic parties. Google information about promising men. I pass by. I do not pay attention to them, standing right in front of them. I walk past the second time. “I forget” the keys to the house. Please introduce me. I am friends, keep in touch. And in general I invest a huge amount of time and effort. I got these numbers with tremendous work, every nail, every hair on my head participated in this. And you? Just come and let’s meet?

It doesn’t work like that!

“It is entirely possible that we would have found the key to one of them, just did not prepare,” said Sveta. – I also google, found out about the records. I also get information about others. I’ll find something to hook on, and it will be easier than a few years in the fitness club.

– Listen, Sveta, you would have left naked on the square. The same method. I do not want to say that phoning these males is a bad way, maybe you would have succeeded. But even if you drag at least one on a date and in bed, it will be only one. Well, two. Three. And in the book there are about sixty numbers, and they are all mine. I’ve already done it. You think small. You are all here in this room, think small. Therefore, you will always use the most inefficient methods and blame everyone else: my men, me, poor communication, illegible handwriting. And I’m afraid I can’t help.

Nastya looked around the room with an angry, pathos look.

“Give me my book,” she said, and with these words pulled it out of Sveta’s hands, theatrically turned around and left.

The contacts from the book again belonged only to her. Like half an hour earlier. Even if it seemed to the girls that getting someone else’s base was already half the success.

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