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How to make TK on content and not screw it up

TK is always a sore subject, no matter what area we talk about. Based on my personal experience, I can note that 90% of clients from small and medium-sized businesses do not even have an idea about how to correctly fill out an agency brief or draw up a competent ToR. Clients from large businesses usually approach this issue more formally, but not always – more deliberately.

Let’s try to figure out which key points should be highlighted in the terms of reference, so that the output will be such a unit of content that will serve the general goals of marketing, and not only please the customer’s eye and the performer’s pride.

Content marketing is marketing.
This is the first thing to understand and accept. When you start thinking in terms of marketing, in addition to “just good text” and “suitable pictures”, indicators such as “quantity”, “depth”, “engagement” and so on appear. And the content becomes saturated not only with artistic, but also with functional meaning.

TK is a technical task
Therefore, it should talk about the technical characteristics of the content, and not set forth in free form the “point of view” of the customer. And also to give the performer the necessary tools for developing content that will solve your problems and fit into the overall marketing plan of the company.

Like any other direction of marketing, content marketing should solve the goals and objectives that confront the company as a whole. When compiling a ToR, it is imperative to indicate exactly what goals you plan to achieve by placing and distributing this particular unit of content.

If you cannot formulate an answer to this question, it is better to put the terms of reference aside and deal with the goal-setting within the business.


Demonstrate the expert level of the company’s specialists (article on the intricacies of steaming Valenciennes lace) and increase the time spent on the site due to the detailed article.
To show methods of solving one of the problems of Central Asia (case “Withdrawal from Minusinsk using shamanistic amulets”) and get “warm” leads (case completes the application form).
Increase the subscriber base (Article “5 difficult ways to clean karma: what have you tried?” With a proposal to download a detailed manual).
Target audiences
When you understand what you want to achieve, it is important to understand who you plan to contact. I repeat the well-known idea: your target audience cannot be “everyone who is interested” or “men and women from 16 to 60 years old.” As a rule, in the course of describing the target audience, target groups (segments) appear that are easily transformed into portraits of specific people. Moreover, these target groups are unequal – therefore, it is important to distribute them in priority order or at least divide them into several priority levels in order to concentrate their marketing efforts on those segments that will give the greatest effect at the lowest cost.

To facilitate the work of the contractor and improve the effect of marketing in general, you can independently carry out the study of your target audiences by developing conditional “profiles” of representatives of various groups.

A user profile can answer many questions, in particular, the following:

Who is this man?
What social position does it occupy?
How is it different from others?
What are you interested in?
How used to receive information?
Perhaps, during the preparation of the profile, it will become obvious to you that content marketing is not at all the channel of information that the priority target groups need. If content marketing is what you need, continue to fill out the ToR.


The owner of an online gift store in the Saratov region.
Mom is on maternity leave, husband is a truck driver.
I’m used to intense round-the-clock activity (the child is restless).
Maintains a store account on Instagram.
He constantly listens to webinars about small business.
Problems and Solutions
This item, in general, can be omitted, but when filling it out, the performer will be more clear on which side you can get to the target group and interest it most of all. Problems and solutions are an analogue of the “pain” and “happiness” of the target audience, and the more accurately you can determine exactly what problems your product solves, the easier it will be to formulate key messages that you plan to convey to the target audience.

Comment of the editorial staff: if the pain of CA is “reducing the cost of servicing the boiler house”, do not call all the articles “How to reduce the cost of servicing the boiler houses”. Try to show your imagination somehow and look at this pain from different angles.

Key Messages
It is important to understand that each segment of the target audience expects different key messages from you. Intersections are possible, but quite rare, and this is primarily due to the fact that different target groups have different interests and expectations from communicating with the brand and experience using the product.

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