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Overview of modern antiviruses
Of all the threats to the security of user information, viruses stand apart. These small malicious programs, if not handled carefully, can steal or destroy any data. But it turns…

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Overview of modern antiviruses

Of all the threats to the security of user information, viruses stand apart. These small malicious programs, if not handled carefully, can steal or destroy any data. But it turns out to be the easiest to defend against them. The Internet is teeming with dozens of different antivirus programs that offer us a quick and easy solution to the problem. But how good are these programs? How to make a specific choice?

Laboratory Research – Clean Water Cheating
Very often you can find on the Internet studies of various laboratories or some scientists there, which talk about the advantages of various antiviruses over others. Do not pay attention to this bluff, all antiviruses have disadvantages and advantages, and there is no better. In addition, often these laboratories are subsidiary laboratories that develop certain antivirus programs. You yourself can guess how objective their judgments are.
No matter what. Ignoring all sorts of recommendations from authoritative sources on the Internet, know only you decide which antivirus you need and configure it for yourself. All the mistakes that are made in his work are your mistakes. Somewhere they made an unnecessary exception, left a loophole for viruses – the result will not be long in coming. They are too smart with the security settings – you can’t even re-save the file or download anything from the global Internet. Otherwise, all antiviruses are similar, but we still try to talk about them and emphasize some features that are unique to them.

The most popular antiviruses of today
Eset NOD 32
In general, it is a wonderful antivirus created by a Slovak group. It is paid and very high quality in work. Its main advantage is multi-platform – you can install NOD on any operating system (hereinafter referred to as the OS). Its second advantage is a small load of resources. When the antivirus scans or just works, the user can calmly go about their business, it won’t cause any twitching or excessive processing time. And the advantage of NOD is its excellent coexistence with other antiviruses. So, for example, some users at the same time install a paid NOD with free Avast or paid DoctorWeb.
But the disadvantage of ESET NOD 32 is quite significant. It cannot cure files. Some statistics buffs have calculated that NOD cures only one file out of 10,000. This, of course, is a sad display. Therefore, it is best to install this antivirus as a malware blocker (hereinafter referred to as software) on a newly installed OS.

Developer’s site: www.esetnod32.ru

Many recognize this antivirus as the best. Its first advantage pleases ordinary users – it is free, but at the same time it provides the necessary basic level of protection. The second advantage can be formulated as “lack of gluttony.” This antivirus is not demanding on computer resources; its operation is almost impossible to notice. It is easy to install and configure, and the interface is so simple that it is impossible not to understand. An additional plus is that the antivirus does not matter how it is packed and whether it knows the malicious file, if it feels a threat in it, it can stop it in the bud, warning you of a possible catch.
However, there are a couple of significant drawbacks. Without the Adobe flash player installed on the computer, the program interface simply will not be displayed or turn into an incomprehensible mess. In addition, he, like NOD, is not a supporter of treatment – to destroy the infection is much easier for him. True, the statistics from Avast are less sad of 100 infected files, it is able to cure about 20.

Developer’s site: www.avast.com

This is a representative of the heavy and classic artillery in the world of fighting viruses. Yes, he does not work as fast as his associates. Yes, he eats much more resources. Yes, it is not free and very sensitive to updates, but this is where the shortcomings end. Further there will be only advantages.
The main advantage of an antivirus is the ability to cure everything. Of the 100 files, only 1 cannot be cured, but only if not one virus ate it, but a couple at once. But even then, Dr.web is able to deal with it. The second advantage is improvement. If you recall how slow the antivirus was once, now its speed will seem unthinkable, because it works, although it loads the system, but it works quickly and honestly. And yet there are no difficulties with installation, the program itself can do everything for us. There is no need to mess with the databases, if you have a license, they are updated without problems.

Developer’s site: www.drweb.com

Dr.Web CureIt!
In addition to the standard antivirus, Dr.web also produces a wonderful utility called CureIt. It is very easy to use and has several advantages, which we will talk about. First of all, it does not require installation and does not conflict with other antiviruses.

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