7 Tips for Creating GIFs
At InVision, GIF animations are used not only for pampering - they play an important role in terms of marketing and training. Therefore, we even tried to use them on…

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5 trends Email-marketing
In anticipation of the year of the fiery monkey, it's time to knock out some results, as well as outline trends. As promised at the end of the last publication,…

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Why it’s time for copywriters to stop listening to marketers and go to study writing
Recently on Facebook, I came across a comment by a guy. Its meaning is as follows: copywriters are stupid and do not know marketing, content marketers are stupid and do…

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What to write on the company’s blog: a detailed guide to 15 types of posts

What content boosts sales, how to make it, and what pitfalls. Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, founder of the marketing start-up, and Neil Patel, founder of KISSmetrics, give tips on how to talk about products and services in 15 different formats.

The material was translated by the New team for Relap.io.

If you are just starting to master content marketing, you just need to start a blog and start writing first.

When a blog already exists and work on it has more or less stabilized, try using a new type of content. Most likely, the result will not be long in coming – better attendance, attracting the target audience, increasing the effectiveness of advertising and SEO.

But before we get acquainted with 15 types of content that will help to achieve such results, here are some tips:

No need to try everything at once – different types of content are suitable for different brands. It is permissible that you may like only one of them. This is not a list of mastheads, but simply possible options.
Do not be afraid to try new things – it turns out that many do not like to switch to other types of content, believing that it will be too difficult, take a lot of time or not bring the expected results. I understand your forethought, but I advise you to try it all the same. Want to start with a video? No need to install a “green screen”, buy corrective software and a professional camera. Start small – use your iPhone and YouTube account. Success comes gradually.
Adjust your schedule – if you have a marketing plan, select one or two options from this list and write them in your schedule for the next month. If you do not plan everything in advance, then it is unlikely that something will work out. I suggest you try one thing for four weeks.
This is not a complete list – when choosing a content type, focus not on formats, but on ideas. The main thing is the message, and the way it is presented is a secondary matter. Develop a concept first, and then think about how it should look. There are many options – in the end, you can come up with your own type of content.
Number 1. Infographics
Infographics are a graphic way of presenting material or data. The name itself reflects the essence – information + graphics.

Infographic spreads faster and is viewed more often than most other types of content – users like it more. This is an effective way to present your material beautifully and clearly. According to the results of the study, infographics collect 3 times more likes and reposts than other types of content. There is clearly a huge potential.

How to do
If your company has a designer, ask for it. Some illustrators specialize in infographics. If you have the funds, you can use a service, for example, Visual.ly. The minimum price for infographics is approximately $ 1,000.

How to use
This is the perfect way to present almost any idea or concept. Infographics are best for displaying data, statistics, research results and new discoveries.

What is important to know
Infographics can be expensive. The price of $ 1,000 is pretty typical.
Previously, the presence of infographics could guarantee the popularity of content. It doesn’t work anymore. Everyone is doing infographics. Now you have to try so that users like the content and share infographics.
Make a GIF. The same infographics, but instead of static images – animated graphic elements. Examples can be found here.
Number 2. Memes
Everyone saw memes. They are easy to make. They are popular. They are hilarious.

One of the main advantages of memes is humor. People like to find something funny and share it.

How to do
This does not require graphic design skills. Using the Meme Generator and Quick Meme sites, you can add your text to popular meme pictures.
This may not be the best type of content for a blog, but memes are popular on social media. Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr (especially Tumblr) will help you spread your content.
A meme cannot have serious content. But if you are in a good mood or have a funny idea – make a meme.
What is important to know
Memes are adaptive. They are good for their versatility, they can be used in any field if it is not too narrow or difficult to understand.
Memes are not particularly valuable content, so don’t go too far. If there are too many, the concept or brand that you are promoting may lose value.

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