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Quality Content Doesn’t Mean Long Content

Quality Content Doesn’t Mean Long Content
Guided by practical cases and research results, optimizers began to lean towards Longrid as the main format for presenting information. However, Longrid does not work for every product and not on every site. In order to determine on which pages of the site it is worth publishing long texts, you should start with setting goals and priorities.

The right content for Rand Fishkin:

serves users by answering their questions
provides an excellent user experience on any device (desktop, mobile phone screen, tablet)
quickly provides users with accurate, up-to-date information
performs these functions better than content from competitive sites
The concept of quality content is very subjective, if only because people perceive information differently:

audio – users who more easily perceive information by ear
visuals – users who more easily perceive visual content (images, videos)
kinesthetics – users who more easily perceive information through physical sensations (touches). For such users, it is important to create emotional content by linking it to simple physical sensations.
discretes – users who more easily perceive information in accurate numbers, reasonable arguments
Longrid will appreciate visuals and kinesthetics, while it will be much more difficult for audiences and discretes to master long text.

Facts Against LongReads
The average concentration of user attention on the site is only 8 seconds.

Studies show that it is difficult for a modern user to concentrate and fix attention on one thing, they are more often distracted, simultaneously process information from several sources.

Longrid requires a long concentration of attention.

Users are lazy – volumetric content can immediately discourage the desire to read the material completely, especially if the format of the text does not facilitate reading (poor formatting).

… The law of least effort applies both to physical activity and to mental. The law says that if a person is left to choose a method to achieve the same goal, he will choose the easiest one. In order to save effort, we must balance the price of the expended stress with profit. Laziness is inherent in our nature. ”

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate

A case study of Slate shows how users read longreads online:

Most users search a long article to only half.

Rand Fishkin recommends:

Rather than blindly filling pages with long content or taking into account the length of the text as a quality metric, it is better to create material that fully matches the query by which we expect to get users.

Create content for people. To do this, there is a simple exercise: put yourself in the place of the user who enters the query: multicooker Phillips. What interests him? Price, features, features, time saving, model advantages, disadvantages, reviews. Does the page content match these implicit user requests?
Use high-quality images instead of 1000 words.
Provide a high-quality interaction experience by improving the visual design of content: fonts, line spacing, blank space, the distance between information blocks. This improves readability and simplifies the perception of information.
Nikita Obukhov, creator of the Tilda Publishing platform, recommends:

“… Use large indentation between blocks. Do not be afraid of air, let the information breathe. When a large space is allocated to the text, it opens up and becomes readable. Do not overdo it with design and color – an abundance of styles attracts attention and interferes with the assimilation of information. Develop an ascetic in yourself. ”

The content should be useful, interesting and noteworthy among hundreds of other texts that come across to the user. He must be credible. High-quality content differs from what the user sees on sites from the TOP 10 of search results.
It loads quickly and displays correctly on all types of devices.
Gets emotional feedback from users.
It makes you want to share and parse text into quotes.
It solves the user’s problem by offering comprehensive, correct information on the topic, and does not tell the story of the creation of a mobile phone.
How to create quality content?
Knowing your user and potential customer, as well as his capabilities and needs, is better than competitors.
Understand what a potential user expects from a product / service.
Why is Longrid ranked higher?
Longrid, as a rule, is not created for SEO purposes. That is, this is the content that is created by default for the user, and search engines love such content.
The density of keywords in such materials tends to tenths of a percent, but there are much more synonyms and additional words that correspond to the user’s goals. Try to write an article for 1500-2000 words, using only the phrase “website promotion” without any synonymous constructions.

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