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2 cases when White Paper is actually needed by business

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding White Paper is “Is it suitable for my business?” Communications Director of Flavita Bureau Stanislav Tikhonov explains in detail which companies and in what cases can not do without them.

Since White Paper (WP) is an educational and inbound marketing tool, its main goal is to overcome the perception barriers that customers have. The goal is to increase the chances of a deal and build a good relationship.

We single out several cases when the target audience is guaranteed to have problems understanding and evaluating the product. In them, White Paper can be a breakthrough solution and serve as a powerful impetus to business growth.

The concept of White Paper in Runet is most often profaned – it is understood as any more or less valuable educational material in the electronic book format used to collect leads. This is not true. White Paper is a mini-book dedicated to a complete solution to a specific business problem or customer difficulty.

An e-book is just a light version of WP, covering issues fragmentarily; it cannot solve a client’s problem completely. This fundamental difference also affects the strategy for using the tool.

In the case of an e-book, this will be exclusively lead generation, collection of contacts. But White Paper is often used to educate, nurture, educate the client – therefore, it is especially effective to accelerate the movement of the client through your sales funnel: at the heating stage, then in preparation for the meeting, at the negotiation stage, that is, when the client various doubts and questions arise (often unique at each stage of the funnel).

Feel the difference: “10 Ways to Build a Subscriber Base” is an e-book theme. “How to automate work with clients through automatic email distribution” “- for white paper (of course, with the proper level of disclosure of the topic).

So, here are four situations where your business really needs White Paper:
The first case is when your product is expensive. It is either higher than the average market price, or more expensive than similar products and substitute products.

When you sell something expensive, your client will think ten times: will he get the value he needs for the money. We will not take into account here a small category of customers who will buy from you not contrary to, but precisely because it is expensive for you.

The number of fears, apprehensions, and, accordingly, the time to make a purchasing decision in such cases is much greater than in a situation where your prices are in the average market range. Using white paper can greatly simplify communication issues and justify the value of your product.

If you prepare a good WP, ​​in which you clearly and clearly explain the customer’s benefit from your decision and justify the cost, give simple and clear calculations of the payback of the solution (important for B2B), then you and the customers will no longer have any questions about the price. WP will simply close this topic, moving the question to the plane of benefits and advantages that the product provides.

Of course, all this is true when real and not fictitious benefits and advantages are hidden behind a high price.

Consulting company “Kongru” provides services in the field of Internet marketing. The services are quite expensive, therefore, to educate and warm up clients (and for lead generation, of course), she uses the white pager “Guide to Preparing for Redesign”, which fully shows what you need to think about before embarking on such a complex process, and what nuances should be consider.

If, after reading this weighty guide, you still have a desire to do the redesign yourself – it’s up to you, all the necessary information in WP is contained. But if you have a budget for paying for Kongru services, then you will understand much better why the company has such prices, and in general the price issue will become less important for you.

So, if you are selling a high-quality expensive product or providing the appropriate services, and the audience often chooses between your solution and the competitive one (not seeing or not believing in the benefits that your product promises to it) – a white pager will help sell the solution despite its cost.

The second case when White Paper can be a good help in sales is when you offer a new, unfamiliar product or service to the market. In such situations, you have to spend a lot of time on the very presentation of the solution, stories about its necessity and necessity. The client will have many doubts about the appropriateness of the news. Many are afraid to get involved with something untested market.

If this is your case, then white paper, in fact, becomes your educational material and saves a lot of time that you or your sales people spend on presentations and related explanations.

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