File encryption
Encryption is the most common and essentially the simplest way to protect any information. After all, it seems that it could be simpler to take the text, take some algorithm…

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Information on the Internet
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opportunities for contextual advertising to generate demand
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How to increase the level of involvement in social networks

Interesting pages in this case are an additional “entry point”. If you are in the top 5, then attract additional traffic and subscribers. And for free. That is why VKontakte public pages advance several times faster than groups that are not in this block. On Facebook, people who are more active on your page are more likely to see your posts in their news feed. Anyway, bye.

To increase engagement, I recommend four actions:

1. Be sure to participate in all discussions and respond to most of the comments. This is a basic rule, but few people follow it – go through the communities and see how many unanswered comments are there – despite the fact that almost everything can be answered. After all, what is a user comment on a post? This is primarily the expression of his “dissenting opinion” regarding the content. And with a dissenting opinion one can always either agree, or disagree, or take a neutral position. So, you can support the discussion!

Do you agree with the community member? Support him – write that yes, I think so too, in my practice there was a case that fully confirms what you say – and give an example. Do not agree? Challenge this point by citing facts in support of your dissenting opinion. If you took a neutral position – write that there are different options, there are pros and cons, tell us about your experience. You have 5 comments, you answered them – it’s already already 10. Then users will answer yours – there will be 15 of them, and so on.

2. Try to have several administrators take part in discussions under the guise of ordinary community members. Just do not indicate them in your contacts and delete any information related to work in your company. Set them the task: to regularly respond to the remarks of other participants in technology from the first paragraph, to argue directly with you. Thus, they will additionally “add oil to the fire.”

3. Sometimes in the comments, users do not express a dissenting opinion, but ask questions. They are asked to clarify something incomprehensible, or to show how to act in their situation. In no case do not leave such questions unattended. Answer them as detailed as possible. Give a mini consultation.

Moreover – ask questions in the comments yourself. Check the participant’s opinion, ask what experience he had in the issue under discussion, what he liked, what not. Then comment on his answers already. Questions are the perfect tool to start a discussion.

4. Use references. This feature is very popular on Facebook, but VKontakte use it much less often. But in vain. Through references, you can “disperse” the discussion several times. Contact people using a link like @id #### or [page address | member name]. With this treatment, users will see a notification about this in the “Responses” tab, and it will not be lost.

Remember which users are talking about and the experiences behind them. You can even put this in a special table. And when “their topic” reappears to the surface, invite them to speak out through such a personal appeal. Most often people are willing to connect. After all, there is a subtle psychological nuance – most people love to be praised and considered important. When you offer the user to come to share their experience, you kindly recognize the person as an expert in this matter.

A very good move is to record users whose problems were not resolved in the comments, or were only partially addressed. If a solution then appears, then through the mention of a person you can notify about it. And even if he has already solved the problem, he will be extremely pleased that you have not forgotten it.

Through mentions, you can invite to discussion not only ordinary members of the community, but also other experts or colleagues in the niche, if you know that they are competent in this matter:

In this example, I invited seven of my colleagues to discuss the issue of VKontakte offers. The discussion had more than a hundred comments. You can argue with colleagues and experts using this technique. Write your dissenting opinion, and then add that my colleague fundamentally disagrees with this, giving a link to it. Most importantly, remember – the more useful your people will be for your comments, the more specific advice, personal experience, new ideas they will have, the more sales you will have. It is a fact.

Kitty supplement
Another good way to increase the engagement of group members is through surveys. It is a decidedly underrated communication tool. It would seem that a survey is a way of research, sort of like “mark which browser you use.” But you need to understand how inaccurate and irrelevant data you get by interviewing a small group of almost random people. So rely on the survey as a research tool is worth it with great care.

But what the poll is strong in is the opening up of the discussion.

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