How can a business position a community on social networks?
Brand positioning is currently chosen by most business owners who want to promote VKontakte. Its essence is that when you start a group, you openly say that you are an…

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Text for a mobile user: 5 postulates
1. Screen view Once, someone came up with a heatmap (or click map), and the world found out that users were viewing a page, starting from the top left corner.…

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Internet Handwriting: 7 Tips For Those Who Want To Be “Their Own” Online
On the Internet, you can be anyone and anytime. You can like cats (or even be them), listen to birdsong or look for someone who is wrong. But no matter…

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Types of engaging social media content

By engaging (communicative) content, I mean content that encourages users to communicate. These can be posts that enhance communication on the group’s wall (in the comments) or suggest subscribers to go to the Discussions section for communication (in case of work on VKontakte). In the second case, a topic is set on the wall and a link to the topic is given. The main goal of this type of content is to create a sustainable “living” community around your company. Simply put – parties where everyone knows each other and where they constantly return. First of all, I will list the types of posts that can cause a discussion, but there are still a number of tricks for working in the comments that fuel these discussions. They will be discussed in a separate article.

Discussion of problematic issues on your topic
I have already said that by finding out the problems of customers, you can prepare materials in different formats to help solve them. A similar technique can be used in another way – to invite subscribers to discuss these issues, ask their opinion, encourage them to share personal experience.

You need to understand that the more acute the problem, the livelier and longer the discussion will be. In some situations, even in a small group (1-2 thousand people), you can get hundreds of comments. The main thing is to get to a pain point. For example, in children’s subjects, discuss vaccinations: is it worth it or not?

You can discuss (learn the opinion of community members) not only pain points, but also news, the latest industry trends. If your topic was Internet marketing, for example, the impact of mobile technology on promotion and the nascent mobile advertising market would be suitable.
Requests to share experiences in an area you do not know
You cannot be a professional in absolutely everything. This does not happen. Suppose you can sell very well, but understand nothing in design. Be able to customize targeted advertising, but it’s bad to write long articles. There is always something to learn. Do not be afraid to ask your subscribers to share and discuss experiences in related fields.

Plus, something often appears on the market that you have not had time to test yet, but someone has already managed. For example, if you take marketing, then this is a new auction in Yandex.Direct or targeted advertising on Instagram. A request to share the first results will look quite natural.

Speak about something with maximum sincerity
Have you noticed what posts are posted on social networks at maximum speed, and collects a sea of ​​feedback? That’s right – posts where the author is sincere, hides nothing and turns inside out. Pass by such posts and not comment is impossible. Moreover, such posts establish a special trusting relationship between you and readers, which will subsequently be sold. In some situations, this model of work is the basis of reference.

Share your personal pain
Someone else’s pain always causes sympathy. Whoever would not talk about the callousness of people in the 21st century. If you “complain” or share your pain on some issue (especially if it is a personal matter), those who will try to calm you down will definitely come. However, there will be those who say that it’s enough to whine. But such comments are good for us – we are nevertheless raising the involvement.

The only thing is not to overdo it, and really whining for nothing, on the contrary, it can cause rejection. Well, of course, such a model should be consistent with the overall positioning of the project. It’s hardly right to complain about something if you’re a martial arts trainer.

Discussion of general socio-political issues and simply relevant topics
It’s not necessary to be tied to one’s subject. Something is constantly happening around. Many events affect and excite people from a wide variety of industries. Accordingly, these topics can be discussed. What do you think about “cutting out” pirated audio recordings on the VKontakte network? Are you outraged by the law on insulting the feelings of believers? Why is there such hype around Putin’s divorce? Are you against the adoption of our children by the Americans?

In our country, something happens every week. Go to any news site (for example, Echo of Moscow) and see the most discussed topics. Socio-political issues are usually very controversial. Ask the opinion of your audience, people will definitely speak out.

Just follow the comments and try to remove insults so that communication does not turn into swearing. When discussing hot topics, this happens.

Sometimes you can even combine professional and social. Why not?
Night chat
This technique strengthens the horizontal connections of subscribers. In this case, they communicate with each other, and you are the moderator of the discussion: ask a topic, invite you to communicate.

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