Quality Content Doesn't Mean Long Content
Quality Content Doesn't Mean Long Content Guided by practical cases and research results, optimizers began to lean towards Longrid as the main format for presenting information. However, Longrid does not…

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5 trends Email-marketing

In anticipation of the year of the fiery monkey, it’s time to knock out some results, as well as outline trends. As promised at the end of the last publication, today we’ll talk about trends for 2016, one of the most common marketing tools – email marketing. Despite all the statements about his imminent death at the hands of social networks and instant messengers, he is like Lenin (or like Duncan Mac’Laud) – always alive. Moreover, it is just as effective for the next few years, still definitely remains in effect. But these are pretty obvious things, and now let’s talk about where our “grandfather” of communication with customers is moving, and how can we use it to increase conversions.

For those who like to flip through presentations, the version on Slideshare. For everyone else, an extended version with a relatively large number of beeches 🙂

5 main trends of Email-marketing 2016:

#1. Total mobilization.

Times, Samsung Galaxy Pocket and a hedgehog with it, are long gone. You can still find budget devices with a screen size of 4 “or less inches and a resolution of 480×800 px or lower. But this is the last century. The standard device in the CIS in 2015 had the following characteristics:
4.7-5.5 ” screen.
The resolution of mid-range devices has already reached 1280×800 px.

All this led to the fact that in 2014, according to various statistics, only 20 to 30% of all users actively worked with mail, in 2015 this figure confidently exceeded 60%. Accordingly, if you plan to launch mass or automated mailing, the following requirements must be met:

All messages should be made up taking into account popular resolutions of the mobile screen (minimum 480×800 px).
All images are optimized for fast loading.
All CTA – tested for ease of use on mobile devices.

# 2 ‘Special-offer’ newsletters.

Stage “Hello * | FNAME | *” and only – has gone irrevocably into the past. The most personalized work with the client within the framework of trigger mailings is coming (I strongly advise reading the guides from Mailchimp and UniSender on this subject).
The client should receive:
Offers, based on the goods already viewed.
Reminder of a product not purchased.
“Stacked baskets” after.
It requires:
Clear segmentation by customer groups and average receipts (including for the outsource sphere).
There are at least five message scenarios: thanks for contacting, order confirmation, reminder of viewed / ordered services + additional services / products, follow-up with a proposal for new offers.

# 3 “War and Peace” is no longer in fashion.

Remember such mailing options with kilometer texts and lots of links? And now, as they say at the institute, and after, when applying for a job: “forget everything that you were taught in …. “. People don’t have so much time to read 1800-2400 characters with spaces, written in 8-10pt font. In 2016, we are waiting for a simple design with clearly structured content that meets the following requirements:
Text – up to 700 characters (with spaces).
30-40% of the letter is an image.
CTA and up to 25% of the information can be displayed.

#4. Animation.

Remember that most letters are opened on a mobile device and letters in the mailbox of your potential client with at least a dozen (excluding spam). What do you think. how much time can he devote to reading the text, especially if this happens on the go? Talk just about complicated. There is nothing more accessible than in several animations to show what the essence of your service is. Yes, this requires more time to create a newsletter and attract the work of a designer. But it also saves your reader time and helps get the message across.

5. Help + Call-tracking haven’t gone anywhere.

In the era of social networks and instant messengers, we somehow clearly lost the habit of a multifunctional approach in e-mail newsletters. It is not only an information tool. Through the mailing list, you can communicate with customers by redirecting to on-line chat (through the same talk.to), receive feedback and provide support; track the results of calls using virtual numbers for call tracking (the same ones mentioned earlier by Freeje or HotTelecom), etc. This process has not gone anywhere and is starting to gain momentum with renewed vigor in 2016.

Quality Content Doesn't Mean Long Content
Quality Content Doesn't Mean Long Content Guided by practical cases and research results, optimizers began to lean towards Longrid as the main format for presenting information. However, Longrid does not…


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