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How do companies launch a blog and why

Today we’ll talk about the corporate blog and its role in the brand promotion strategy. This article we want to help companies that plan to develop content marketing, but do not know where to start. If you already have a blog, read it anyway – there are a couple of insights for you.

You’ll find out if you need to start a blog at all, what to do before launch and how to set up a streaming release of materials with a remote edition. We describe the approach and processes of the agency. In the examples we give our agency experience and customer cases. Let’s start in order.

Why companies start a blog
A successful example from competitors: “Let’s do it like a Tinkoff magazine.”

Everyone does it – these are cases when a blog is launched, and how to evaluate the effectiveness, they think only later.

I just want to share my thoughts with others – start a personal blog or write notes on social networks.

All of these reasons are common mistakes among marketers, business owners, and executives. When we encounter this when working with clients, we try to get to the bottom of the matter and formulate a real business task. Then we work on a common idea and a line of content strategy, select tools and timings for implementation.

All work begins long before the call to the agency or tasks to the marketer.

Start by sketching a plan.
At the start, they usually think over the tonality of communication, the portrait of the target audience, determine the needs and pains of readers. These are all important things, but I consider them second-order tasks. First, decide on something else: the goals of the business that the blog will solve, the economy of the publication and its useful effect.
Increase Repeat Sales and LTV with Newsletters
This part is also useful for working with a remote team – a rough plan will help to form an understanding of the task at the preparatory stage.

Set goals and define goals
In the course of work, you will change your goals more than once, if you conduct a retrospective, the tasks will change and your opinion on the development of content marketing too. But without rough guidelines it will be even more difficult, anyway, like a finger to the sky.

Determine why you need a blog and what goal you want to achieve. The goal should be measurable and understandable: in traffic, service requests, money.

12,000 unique users per month
Five conversions per month from the blog for any agency services
One paid application once a quarter with a planned monthly income of 250,000 ₽
Many people forget about the difference between a goal and tasks: one goal, several tasks, they help to achieve this very goal.

If you work without a goal, then the content on the blog and its effectiveness will be chaotic. Externally, there will be no uniformity in the blog, the team will be sprayed to useless work.

Goals and objectives help to structure the publication into rubrics and sections, to establish a systematic release of materials – such sites are generally better remembered than media with an endless stream of articles and long breaks between issues.

How do companies launch a blog and why

The blog “Clear” is a continuous tape. To find an article on the topic here, you have to leaf through

Estimate the economy
Open Excel or Google table and calculate how much you are willing to spend on the development of your site. For example, the Modulbank case costs 700 thousand rubles a month for its owners.

What is included in the economics of a corporate blog:

development of a promotion strategy: competitive analysis, audience needs map, redplan formation;

development and support of CMS;

team work: authors, editor, designer, targetologist, layout designer;

distribution and planting costs on third-party sites;

analytics and implementation of hypotheses for improvement.

Gradually, you can add channels, formats, tools and attract new specialists – it all depends on the effectiveness of the resource in the future. To get started, prepare the foundation, launch the publication, set up red processes so that everything works like a clock.

Determine the useful effect of the publication
The audience should be interesting. It makes no sense to invest money and effort if you are not read. A useful action will help you with this – determine what is important for the business and what is secondary. The reader will catch up to close their pains, subject to successful distribution.

Let’s say you set a goal: to use the blog to reach the maximum amount of traffic with potential customers – expand the coverage at the first stage of the sales funnel. For coverage on the first contact, use common topics in the redplan, target a wide audience, buy ads in groups with general topics: business books and lectures, self-development and implementation, beauty and health.

In the course of work on the blog, you will understand if something goes wrong: there are few applications and sales, money is wasted, and there is no profit. In general, the strategy does not work as it should. You can change the positioning of the blog – adjust the strategy and use the site at other stages of the funnel. Write setup guides or checklists for doubting customers who make a decision, but still have doubts. This will confirm the effectiveness and expertise, push the client to a decision.

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