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Why it’s time for copywriters to stop listening to marketers and go to study writing

Recently on Facebook, I came across a comment by a guy. Its meaning is as follows: copywriters are stupid and do not know marketing, content marketers are stupid and do not know marketing, and content marketing is a non-existent concept that, having met, came up with guys who do not know marketing. It’s time for these content marketers and copywriters to go to university to learn classical marketing.
Fasten your seat belts: I’m going to tell you how learning marketing is harmful.

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The marketer does not know what the text should be.
In marketing and near-marketing areas they constantly talk about the text.

We are talking about copywriting and the text that should make a person click on the buy button. We acknowledge that this is becoming increasingly difficult. You can’t ride the same horse for decades. At some point, the horse will understand everything, and you will find yourself on the ground.

We are talking about SMM and the text, which is designed to be a virus and spread across the network in millions of shares. It is a pity that all this and that has already been written and shared millions of times, moreover, last year.

We are talking about content marketing, when everyone is trying to find such special topics and write such special texts that will show the audience that you are the company what you need. It turns out this is not for everyone, and every day we are drowning in a stream of outstanding content.

Yes, and we still sometimes talk about search engine optimization, when the text has a very utilitarian function.

Marketers use text to achieve their goals. More precisely, they would like the text to help them achieve their goals, but they increasingly recognize that it’s tight.

Do marketers know what the effective text they require should be?

There should be no water in the text. There should be no exclamation marks in the text. The text should not have extra adverbs, extra adjectives, participles, passive voice. If all these requirements are met, the text will be convincing, will inspire confidence in the audience and fulfill its marketing function.

Terms of reference and briefs are filled with lists of how not to write. For example, a marketer knows that you can’t:

write too much
writing too emotionally
writing too dry
write on a topic that only concerns you (CA will not understand),
write on a topic that everyone is discussing (CA will not appreciate).
A good author is able to write effective material, violating all the points of such TK.

For example, once a brave author, having spat on the demand “up to three thousand characters”, begins to write very, very long materials. And suddenly it turns out that longreads are ideal for content marketing.

And then another author takes it, and begins to write exclusively about what is interesting to him alone. And it turns out that it is better to create your own trends than follow someone else’s. Because in our time, only the one who creates his own has a chance of uniqueness.

But God bless her, with uniqueness. Here is the third author takes the most popular topic – the one on which even the laziest has written twice. He, stupid, takes this subject, and … Suddenly it turns out that what matters is not what you write about, but how you do it. And now in the whole kingdom they proclaim that success is guaranteed to those who can attract writers with the most striking authorial style.

The secret is to become an excellent writer, because only an excellent author can help a marketer. The second secret is that marketing knowledge will not make you an excellent writer.

Marketing is secondary
There is nothing in marketing that a commercial writer will miss by following another path. Creating text is not marketing. This is a large amount of internal work that is not related to marketing competence.
I go over in my head all the recipes I know that are designed to make the text successful (selling, working, viral) from a marketing point of view, and I do not find a single one that would contain secret knowledge from the world of marketing. Everything can be reached in a different, less winding way.

Let’s look at the root. What makes a text successful from a marketing point of view? His ability to influence the actions of the reader. Text can make you feel something, and emotion can make you do something – buy, follow the link, subscribe to the newsletter, read on, share with friends, etc. In fact, the full potential of the action lies in the emotions. If the skill of the author is how well he knows how to arouse emotions in the reader, then knowledge of marketing will not help him develop the skill. The master writer knows that it’s not enough to correctly place blocks in the landing page, to attract attention with a heading in the spirit of “10 emotional triggers that will increase sales”, and add the phrase “Share with friends” at the end. You need to have a hundred skills in working with information, text, and a reader. And you also need internal work.

Are you sure you want to influence the audience with text? Then leave the crowd – forget about marketing and do what helps you write better.

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