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We understand current and future trends in the field of content creation.

Personally, I came to the field of copywriting in my student years – I needed extra income and work from home. Then I wrote on the stock exchange, I earned a little, but as a side job it was quite suitable. The texts were simple: product descriptions, on category pages, informational for links – they did not need in-depth knowledge and life experience. I am sure that many authors began in about the same way. However, everything has changed since then. Search algorithms have become tougher, readers (i.e. potential customers, target audience) have become more picky, and copywriting has ceased to be an easy way to earn money for students and mothers on maternity leave.

What trends in the field of writing texts are relevant now, what should we prepare for next year? The seals chose the main points that should be remembered by the authors of the articles and those who write “on the stream” on exchanges.

What are we afraid of?
Let us immediately outline two main fears of almost all copywriters.

Lyrics are dying
Many SEO experts say that the texts on the pages are not so important for promotion.

Sergey Proskurin, Head of SEO at Webline Promotion:

“Textual factors for E-commerce projects remain important, but the search bot understands the relevance (match the request) according to the characteristics of the goods (in the listing, on the product cards, etc.), by their name, etc.

Texts used to be written to just use keys. Now search engine algorithms have learned to “read” the page, that is, pictures, product names. Accordingly, the importance of the so-called SEO text has decreased, because requests and thematic words (“buy”, “order”, “delivery”, “price” and others) are already in the descriptions and blocks. In some cases, it can only make it worse, as the page will be spammed. ”

However, do not rush to be upset. Product descriptions, reviews, expert articles, blog content – these and other types of content will remain relevant for a long time. The main thing is to develop the ability to write in a way that pleases the reader directly, and not just the search engine.

We will be replaced by robots
Indeed, neural networks, proudly referred to as artificial intelligence, are being introduced into an increasing number of niches. Robots learned to write poems and novels, adequately translate texts, make notes about the weather. Does this mean that soon to get a competent article you will only need to ask a topic and click on the button? Not! Perhaps simple descriptions can be generated by AI (copywriters on the stock exchange, be on the alert!), But for a deeper study of the topic and expert material, you still need a person to exit.

And from here we are already moving on to specific tips.

Get to the bottom of LSI copywriting
Latent semantic indexing is a way to create and submit text that will be as relevant as possible to a particular query from the point of view of search engines.

The main differences from the usual SEO text:

key density is not important;
low-frequency queries are welcome;
the volume is significantly higher – by 2-3 times (from about 5 thousand ZBP), which is necessary for disclosing the topic and answers to all user questions;
entry of diluted keywords, declensions, their synonyms is allowed;
the main goal is informativeness, usefulness for the reader.
LSI copywriting is not a new phenomenon, it appeared several years ago, but in 2020 more and more attention will be paid to it. After all, the main goal is to attract and retain user attention, and this is only possible with quality content.

Get ready for the transformation of SEO copywriting
Here we are talking about a relatively new trend – voice search. It is used more and more often, for example, my friend is looking for information on the Internet exclusively with Siri, I think she is not the only one.

How is the method of entering the request related to writing texts on the site? When using voice search, people don’t pronounce keywords in the exact occurrence, they use ordinary phrases, as in real life. Example: they type “food for Labradors” on the keyboard, they say “how to feed a three-month-old Labrador puppy”. Feel the difference?

To a greater extent, this will affect the work of SEO-specialists, who will need to select completely different keywords, conduct in-depth analysis. What will change in the work of copywriters?
The traditional structure of the “seashka footcloth” – a frame in the form of keys, framed by water and seasoned with a couple of facts / advantages, will not work. It is worth learning to write in human language, using words and phrases typical of live communication. The content itself must be of high quality: with verified facts, well-formatted, unique, error-free, logical and fully revealing the topic.

Have to deeply and for a long time to understand the subject, if you are not an expert. The approach “open the first two links, read it quickly and rewrite” is no longer effective.

Choose a specialization
Do you know with whom the versatile copywriter is associated with potential customers? With a person who is not particularly versed in anything, but can write a text on any topic.

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We understand current and future trends in the field of content creation.
Personally, I came to the field of copywriting in my student years - I needed extra income and work from home. Then I wrote on the stock exchange, I earned…


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