Instagram Stories for Business analytics
In two years, I created and tested dozens, if not more, of various content ideas on Instagram Stories on my projects. I know for sure that one cannot expect any…

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We understand current and future trends in the field of content creation.
Personally, I came to the field of copywriting in my student years - I needed extra income and work from home. Then I wrote on the stock exchange, I earned…

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How to protect your password from hacking
Today, passwords play a significant role in human life. Everywhere on the Internet, on every site, each account must have its own password in order for the user to gain…

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How to write without inspiration and ideas? 6 Tips for Keeping Your Personal or Corporate Blogging

Have you ever done this when you need to publish something fresh, but you don’t have any ideas for articles or the desire to knock on your keyboard? Usually at such moments you find yourself a bunch of other “very important” tasks, just not to write. What is the result? Readers are slowly forgetting about you, less often go to the site and go to those who publish new materials regularly. Silence is the best way to kill the most popular blog. And it doesn’t matter why you aren’t writing – autumn blues, fatigue, banal laziness – readers need interesting articles.

Seals prepared some tips for those who have a personal or corporate blog and faced a similar problem. We come out of the creative crisis together!

1. Find a topic that interests you personally
As a rule, people try to write articles on very similar topics, where you can give examples from practice and reinforce their opinions with facts. Such materials are really valuable, they are well read. But what if you choose a topic that you are superficially familiar with? Yes, you will have to revise many sources, find expert articles, conduct an in-depth analysis, perhaps talk with specialized specialists or even interview them, but the result is worth it.

Advantages of the approach:

you get acquainted with a new topic, that is, are engaged in self-development, grow professionally;
You can provoke a heated discussion in the comments: there are surely those who understand the topic better than you and decide to share their opinions. Live discussion is always a plus for any blog.
2. Use videos, presentations, expert presentations
In commercials, as a rule, contains much more useful and truly unique information than in articles. What to look for: recordings of conferences, copyright channels of specialists on YouTube, videos in thematic groups on social networks.

When working with video materials, remember:

A video-based article is not a dictation! Do not engage in banal transcription, otherwise why should readers spend time on your publication if they can watch or listen to the original?
Remember about copyrights – do not give out the expert’s thoughts as your own. In your material, be sure to indicate where the information came from, put a link to the video.
Blind copying is the road to nowhere. Your task is to create unique content based on video, rather than translate sound into text by placing commas and reformulating sentences. Be sure to express a personal opinion, even if it diverges from the expert’s point of view. This will fuel the interest of the audience, give food for thought.
Transcription is acceptable, but only as a draft. If the video lasts an hour, you are unlikely to keep all the information in your head and be able to highlight the main ideas on the go. Therefore, first write down what you think is necessary, re-read and based on existing material create a new one. The most colorful and catchy statements can be left in their original form, designed as quotes.

3. Review old articles and topics
Existing content can almost always be updated and supplemented. This does not mean that you need to rewrite the text posted a year ago.

One win-win option is benchmarking. If you previously wrote about trends in the marketing market, conduct a study today and tell us what has changed over a specific period of time, try to make a forecast for the near future.

Another trick is a review of tools / programs. Automation permeates all areas of our lives, Internet marketing – in the first place. Surely you have at least once described a tool that simplifies life. Look for new items, sort it out and review them.

4. Go to competitors, analyze thematic sites
See what others are writing about, which articles are gaining more views and comments. On specialized sites or competitors, you can find an interesting idea, take it as a basis and write your own material, expressing your personal opinion.

But! No need to rewrite. After all, you are also annoyed when, on several links in a row, you see identical materials, only written in different words?

The recipe for a good article: you take key theses / ideas, based on them make a plan and submit the text with the sauce of your own thoughts.

5. Chat with colleagues / friends
Many really cool professionals just do not know how to correctly express their thoughts on paper. As a result, invaluable developments remain their personal experience, which they share only with direct communication. And how wonderful it would be to tell a wide audience about useful things!
The way out is a symbiosis of information from a specialist with your writing skill. Colleagues for you – source data on your topic, you blog – a useful, structured and competent article.

6. Look at foreign sources
On foreign sites you can find many interesting content that is read by millions of people. The only caveat is that it is not adapted to a Russian-speaking audience that does not speak a foreign language.

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