2 cases when White Paper is actually needed by business
One of the most frequently asked questions regarding White Paper is “Is it suitable for my business?” Communications Director of Flavita Bureau Stanislav Tikhonov explains in detail which companies and…

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How to get commercial page and domain out of Facebook ban
I am sure many are aware that their business page may be blocked due to some actions that are not very legal with respect to it. However, not everyone knows…

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Child Safety Online
Many users, even the most experienced, sometimes do not suspect that having protected themselves, they forget about their own children. They forget, especially when creating different accounts in the OS…

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How and why to build a community around a brand

The community is a well-forgotten old story about bringing people together with similar values. Closed clubs, subcultural groups, fans – communities existed long before marketers and PR specialists adopted this tool.

It turns out that a close-knit community is perhaps the fastest scalable way to disseminate information about a company. The runner community has done just as much as promoting these products to promote Nike apps and bracelets. And if you are not Nike, and your budget is also not Nike, working with the community may be, if not the only, then the main point of audience growth. Continue reading

Why it’s time for copywriters to stop listening to marketers and go to study writing

Recently on Facebook, I came across a comment by a guy. Its meaning is as follows: copywriters are stupid and do not know marketing, content marketers are stupid and do not know marketing, and content marketing is a non-existent concept that, having met, came up with guys who do not know marketing. It’s time for these content marketers and copywriters to go to university to learn classical marketing.
Fasten your seat belts: I’m going to tell you how learning marketing is harmful.

You have blocked the ability to receive notifications; you are subscribed to notifications
The marketer does not know what the text should be.
In marketing and near-marketing areas they constantly talk about the text. Continue reading

How do companies launch a blog and why

Today we’ll talk about the corporate blog and its role in the brand promotion strategy. This article we want to help companies that plan to develop content marketing, but do not know where to start. If you already have a blog, read it anyway – there are a couple of insights for you.

You’ll find out if you need to start a blog at all, what to do before launch and how to set up a streaming release of materials with a remote edition. We describe the approach and processes of the agency. In the examples we give our agency experience and customer cases. Let’s start in order.

Why companies start a blog Continue reading

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how the audience consumes content
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How to make TK on content and not screw it up
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Security in Firefox Browser
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